Drone Video and Photography

Drone footage provides a broader view of stunning outdoor locations that is relevant to you. Additionally drone flying isn’t just from ‘above’ looking down but can deliver more creative angles. It’s also not just about the great outdoors but inside buildings there is also opportunity.

Drone Photograph
Drone 5D

Using CAA accredited pilots we provide creative drone footage. This can be ‘stand alone’ or we can integrate footage with other video helping you to tell ‘your story’. We can offer a range of drones to suit the environment and budget.

The system allows us to carry any camera, though our preferred camera is the Canon 5D Mark III. We can capture stunning high resolution photography with a live time view of what is being captured. We can supply RAW or JPEG high resolution images (4608 x 3546 resolution), ideal for print based media. Unlike many other companies, we can switch between HD video recording and photography without having to land the drone.
The UAS aerial platforms are incredibly stable, built with the latest GPS technology and equipped with gyro stabilised camera gimbals so we are able to capture smooth cinematic shots. This setup allows our clients to see exactly what is being filmed in real time so you can be sure we have captured everything you require and more, even before we have landed the aircraft.