Case Study (004) September, 2016 Enevo

By September 6, 2016Case Study

Client: Spa Communications / Enevo Waste Management

Objective: To demonstrate the client’s success in solving paper and cardboard recycling challenges in the municipality of Rotterdam

Location: The port city of Rotterdam

Style of Video:

The client provides a high technology solution to one of the oldest problems caused by people living in conurbations – waste. In the Netherlands, cities are by legislation constrained to deal with waste within the municipality and without using landfill sites. We asked the client to consider a high quality video production, allowing additional time for location filming.

The agency wanted to create something which would be a big rock for social media, to drive traffic to the client solutions using a variety of online channels. It was thought that the film would need to stand out from the usual corporate video. We therefore conceived the idea of a travel-style film which presented the city as a clean and desirable destination, to act as a platform to present the end customer’s solution and to enlist the support of the City council. In addition, and to add to our challenge, it was decided to film all subjects speaking in their mother tongue as we felt this added to the authenticity of the piece.

Results: The film was very well received by Rotterdam city council and, importantly by the end customer. The film has not only been throughout Europe, the US and Japan, but was also picked up and used by Dutch national television. Our partner agency planned a social media campaign to launch the film and in one week reached an audience over 150,000 people in the waste management profession, with over 7,000 engagements and over 3,000 views. It is felt that the investment in production value is more than justified by the ROI and use the film has seen.

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