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Filming Eyes, how to film eyes

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Filming Eyes

The filming of a person’s eyes would appear simple and straightforward, however, this is not the case. When you see TV Adverts like the one below by Vision Express, a simple 5-10 second clip is actually quite complicated.

If you are looking to try to create a similar effect, then take a look at our 5 Tips:

1. Lighting 

The first element of creating the shot is ensuring you’re using the correct lighting. This is key and will have a huge influence on the end results. The main aim is to ensure you have constant lighting. Daylight is good, but how can you necessarily keep it constant during your filming period? For constant lighting, we would suggest either tungsten or LED light panels. For our latest project, the latter was our lighting choice, although don’t forget how harsh those lights can sometimes be! (we will examine lighting in a later Blog)

2. Model

This is another key part of the process and success. You need to select your model carefully and for them to be relevant to your target audience. Then, depending upon the video you’re producing as to whether hair and make-up are required. This can vastly change the outcome of your shot and can be a real headache if not dealt with properly at the time. Remember the devil is in the detail.

3. Camera

You could acquire the most expensive camera for filming. In this instance, however, this isn’t necessary and depending upon your budget and the end result required, you can select from a range of cameras. The TV advert shown above would have used very expensive equipment, lighting and post-production. We selected a 5D Mark IV for the results we required.

4. Post-Production

We use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro for our post-production work. We find that After Effects allows you to create smoother transitions than Premiere. For example, in the case of our eye clip, we imported into After Effects and create the movement via keyframes. Then creating an easy ‘in and out’ we start zooming into the eye slowly and gradually build in speed as we near the pupil’s iris. Once this is complete we add this to our Premiere Pro timeline and overlay any text, audio or voice over that we might want to add. We used a basic template and added our content to create this blog piece.


5. The Brief/Result 

Ensure the brief is interpreted and understood in relation to outcomes whether it be style, effects etc.

There you have it, 5 simple tips to be aware of when you film an eye clip.  Be sure to follow us for more technical, portfolio and projects.

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Case Study (006) Promotional Video, Kingdom

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Client: Kingdom – United by Nature

Objective: Produce a video that was a key communications tool for promoting this new venue in Kent

Location: Penshurst, in The High Weald looking south overlooking The Weald.

Style of Video:

  •  Target Audience: Anybody interested in the great outdoors, cycling or seeking a unique venue.
  •  To film the environment and site location with various aspects of cycling and how the range of facilities maybe used.
  •  The creative involved producing an aspirational style video during a ‘perfect summer’s day with carefully selected music conveying a lifestyle feel.

 Content, the storyline . . .

Kingdom  encompasses 13 acres of woodland located within the High Weald.  A project soon to be realised by a group of investors, including I’ll be Mother.  Only 35 miles from London and is a unique location and venue with so much to offer to all, for cyclists of all abilities, from pros to families. Wyndy Milla bikes is also located there, providing bike sales, bike hire, a workshop and showers are included within the site. The venue is a masterpiece in its natural construction offering multiple venue options with its 9,500 square foot of event space.  A huge part of its ethos is using ‘local’ where possible.

The video was made last Summer taking advantage of the environment in all its Summer glory.  It involved having a range of cyclists from youngsters, mountain bikers, road cyclists and BMX’ers.  In addition sets were created conveying a relaxed lifestyle such as people eating, drinking and socialising as well as sitting around a fire pit.  In addition, demonstrating how the space maybe used such as for Yoga classes. The stills were also shot at a similar time creating a reflecting style. These have been used for web and social media use.


The video has been used by the venue for external communications to start promoting the site before its launch on all social platforms.  In addition a ‘crowdfunding’ interview style video has subsequently been created incorporating some of the original content.

Case Study (002) Brightsolid Data Centre

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Our Client: Keysource

Objective: To produce a 5 minute Case Study Video of brightsolid’s new data centre.

Location: brightsolid, Aberdeen

Style of Video:

  • All content filmed in one day. This involved an early start capturing activity in and around Aberdeen for the intro.
  • Filming the newly installed data centre and key features.
  • Clear and concise video interviews capturing the key benefits and challenges.

 Content, the storyline . . .

  • To introduce the location of the data centre and to illustrate Aberdeen’s relationship to the oil & gas industry and how it’s embracing new technologies.
  • Video interviews with key personnel in the development of the data centre.
  • To capture from the filming and editing, that the scalable data centre solution delivered by Keysource for brightsolid was industry leading, in terms of efficiency and resilience and met their technical and commercial requirements.

Case Study December 2015 Evogro

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Our Client: Evogro

Objective: To produce a Crowdfunding Video to sit on the Crowdcube platform to create awareness and ‘call to action’.

 Location: Various Michelin restaurants with prestige chefs talking about Evogro.

Style of Video:

  • Target Audience: Investors, decision makers in the food service industry and chefs.
  • Combines talking head interviews and dynamic footage of individual units in the locations.
  • The video comprises interviews with key Michelin chefs who explain the merits of having control over growing micro-salads and herbs.

 Content, the storyline . . .

The crowdfunding videos’ purpose was, for a specific window of time to raise 250K. The video demonstrates effectively and efficiently that Evogro ustilises the very latest technologies in helping control costs and other efficiencies. It explains the energy saving benefits and how waste is minimized as well benefitting the customer where flavour and freshness is optimized.

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